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Hi, Pixelated Opus here, I am a developer dedicated to reviving the magical nostalgia of retro gaming. My passion for classic games runs deep, and I believe that the essence of gaming's golden age can still captivate the hearts of players today.

I invite you to join me on this exciting journey through the pixelated landscapes of nostalgia.

My Games

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Summit is an exhilarating mountain climbing game that requires precision platforming. Players embark on an epic journey to conquer the mountain by overcoming puzzle platforming obstacles and mastering climbing techniques. With over 70 puzzle rooms to navigate, Summit offers precision platforming at its best. Equipped with 2 pickaxes, scale the mountain to reach the top. Avoid physics based environmental hazards as you uncover the story behind our protagonist’s unwavering tenacity to reach the top. Will you reach the summit?

Available on: Badge/Logo
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A gif of Castle Tintagel
A gif of Castle Tintagel
Splash screen for the video game, Castle Tintagel

Embark on a epic quest of revenge in this nostalgic retro action platformer. Exclusively built for the playdate. Play as Gawain, the last remaining knight of the round table and fight your way through the evil that Morgana has unleashed onto this world. Take down epic bosses with the aid of Merlin and Gwenevere in the fight to reclaim Tintagel Castle from the evil Sorceress Morgana.

Available on: Badge/Logo

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